Swiss Nearshoring Partner of Global Leaders

A Swiss Company Driving Software Engineering Excellence from its Serbia-based R&D Center.

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Explore our nearshoring and custom software engineering services & offerings

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Custom Software

Grow you business with our high quality software engineering solutions.

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Team as a Service

Find and hire nearshoring experienced software engineering team to meet your unique needs.

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Team Extention

Strenghten your team with our software engineers to extend your in-house digital capabilities.

Driving growth with industry-specific know-how

We go beyond technology, leveraging our in-depth understanding of diverse industry domains to deliver complete and tailored software solutions.


Medical & Healthcare

Cutting-edge technology advancing medical devices and testing.

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Linear Motion & Robotics

Precise and controlled movement for various industrial applications.

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Banking & FinTech

Technological innovations transforming financial services and banking.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Sustainable solutions powering the world's energy needs efficiently.

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Track & Trace

Ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in supply chain operations.

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Color & Printing

Enhancing visual impact and efficiency in the printing & color industry.

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Software & IT Services

Tailored technology solutions driving business growth and productivity.

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Gaming & Entertainment

Immersive experiences combining technology and entertainment for interactive play.

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Real Partnerships, Lasting Results

Our business model thrives on fostering long-term partnerships, with an average client engagement of four years, enabling us to dive deep into core software innovation projects that drive transformative outcomes.

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