Software Engineering Services

We help software engineering services and hardware & embedded providers to establish themselves in the highly competitive market as a reliable partner that understands and fulfills the needs of their clients, by providing complete know-how (technologies, best practices, processes, standards...) and software engineering capabilities in a timely, reliable & cost-efficient manner.


Linear Motion & Actuation

  • Digital platform for linear motion products
  • Software for managing linear systems and lifting columns
  • Plug-ins for the integration of linear motion products with cobots
  • Testbench development for motor controller

Fintech & Banking

  • Core banking software
    • Loan advisory
    • Customer Management
    • Money Market (Treasury)
    • Investment management
    • Payments
    • Funding
    • Clients & Products
    • Market data integration
    • Investment operations

Medical technology & Life sciences

  • Software for laboratory testing & results validation
  • Middle Layer for Integration of global and local apps
  • Invoice and billing automation solutions
  • Test results export automation solutions
  • B2B analysis results APP
  • Application for radiation testing
  • ERP Integration with production lines
  • Equipment efficiency IoT application
  • Laboratory automation
  • TTS (Track and Trace Software )

Energy & Infrastructure

  • Channels for processing signals
  • Event logging facility
  • Modernization of outdated SW/HW components
  • General development flows and way of work improvements

Technological/Analytical and Organizational problems

We have solved numerous business problems in our 9+ years of experience in software development and IT services, here are some common examples:

  • Poorly initiated projects with ongoing development, requiring assessment of project status and client's business needs.
    • Applied project initiation process.
    • Defined a reference Way of Working (WoW)
    • Established a minimal WoW with two key controls (effectiveness and efficiency)
    • Implemented a mechanism for retrospectives
  • Unclear initial business priorities: MVP, stable, time to market:
    • Defined and prioritized business objectives during project initiation
    • Scoped and created an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) roadmap with estimation
    • Implemented reporting mechanisms
    • Adopted a modular design (clean architecture)
    • Embraced BDD/TDD (Behavior-Driven Development / Test-Driven Development)
    • Implemented CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment)

Business Needs of Target Companies

To acquire, retain and up-sell clients who insist on nearshoring

Reliable and capable SW partner operating on lower prices

High employee retention rate at the partner company

Core engineering and organizational processes at the partner company are mature

Resource availability and scalability & Flexible and adaptable teams

Geographical proximity & Cultural compatibility

Specialized know-how & Legal and Regulatory compliance

Communication and transparency & Long-term partnership potential

Typical Business Problems of Target Companies

Capacity issues at the needed time

Lack of experienced software and embedded engineers available at all times

Lack of SW engineering capabilities and know-how

Not being able to offer complete solutions

High personnel costs

Nearshoring services in this case is a cost-efficient decision

Complex recruiting

Complex recruiting processes delay project timelines and increase overhead costs

Data protection

Potential IT partners do not have data protection processes in place

Potential knowledge leak

Lack of engineering and organizational processes

This refers to IT partners often not having said processes in place

Bad experiences with external IT services providers

Among other issues, companies can experience communication barriers, cultural mismatches, inconsistent quality, and missed deadlines with their nearshoring IT partners.

Market Offering - Functionally

Market offering on a functional level includes detailing our specific capabilities, features, and technical functionalities of the software products or services that address the needs and solve the problems of targeted users or businesses.

Requirements Management

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance

DevOps Automation

Project Management

Software Architecture

Safety and Quality Standards

UX/UI Design

Market Offering - Solutions

Discover different technological solutions we have developed over the years in various industries.

Internet of Things

Embedded Software Engineering

Industrial Vertical Integration

Track and Trace

Automated Hardware Testing

Laboratory Automation

Data-Centric Systems

Cloud Computing

Market Offering - Industries

Check out industries we have developed different solutions for over the years, from general manufacturing to medical technology to energy and infrastructure to fintech and banking.

General Manufacturing

Medical Technology & Life Sciences

Energy & Infrastructure

Linear Motion & Robotics

Track and Trace

Financial Services & Banking

Software & IT Services

Color Science & Management

Services & Certifications

Our services encompass key technologies, practices, processes, and standards know-how, as well as relevant certifications to ensure safety, reliability and expertise.

Programming languages

Microsoft stack (Microsoft Gold Partner)

  • Java
  • Python


  • CI/CD tools (Jenkins and Bitbucket) - Jenkins and Bitbucket are tools used in the software development lifecycle to automate building, testing, and deployment processes.


  • Azure


  • PL/SQL (Microsoft)
  • TL/SQL (Oracle)

Financial certifications

  • D&B Golden AAA Rating

Operational certifications

Certified in:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • ISO 9001:2015

Familiar with:

  • Functional safety standards
  • Medical devices:
    • ISO 13485
    • IEC 62304/IEC 82304
    • ISO 14791

Key benefits

Software partner with strong domain know-how

Having a software partner that has complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for timely, reliable & cost-efficient development of products.

Expansion of service offerings

Expansion of service offerings for device manufacturers by integrating their physical devices with IoT or Industry 4.0 platforms, allowing them to provide new types of services.

Quick onboaring

Quick onboarding and entry into the performing phase due to our expertise in the field.

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