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We help providers of technologically-driven financial products, services, and solutions to create high-performance, reliable, secure, intuitive, modular and integrated products by providing complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for timely, reliable & cost-efficient development of these products.


Advisor workbench for advisors (AWB)

The AWB is the central entry point for customer advisors as well as counter and call center employees.

The Advisor Workbench offers front-to-back integration into the core banking software and the option of connecting third-party products easily and flexibly. This means that the banks' demands for flexibility and adaptability can be fully met.

  • Fast and comprehensive customer view
  • Guided processes for efficient customer and product launches
  • Modern look and feel
  • User-friendly and intuitive design
  • Full flexibility for individual adjustments
  • Wide range of functions

Loan advisory module

The consultants can use integrated estimation, rating and pricing tools. The application supports the entire process of credit advice through to processing in a digitized, automated and fully integrated manner.

  • Modern, attractive and clear user interface
  • Individually configurable solution
  • Clear dashboards
  • Modern face-to-face advice that guarantees an optimal customer experience
  • Fast credit decisions thanks to standardized processes
  • Configurable, business case-oriented quality control
  • Preparation of financing and security agreements
  • Seamless integration into the  core banking system

Investment cockpit application

Intuitive and user-friendly global overviews and selected individual portfolio analyses support portfolio managers and investment advisors of professional clients effectively in analyzing and monitoring their mandates.

  • Investment analysis, monitoring and reporting in portfolio management and in consulting for professional/institutional clients
  • Global dashboards, portfolio overviews and analysis
  • Portfolio shift (rebalancing)
  • Intelligent portfolio and securities quick search
  • Ad hoc printing of the Private Banking Report
  • Custom configuration
  • State-of-the-art UX interaction design
  • Minimal introductory time for new users thanks to intuitive usability

Investment management application

Allocation structures tailored to bank-specific customer strategies can be defined here in any depth. In advising, individualized investment proposals and in asset management, efficient mass processing are in the foreground. The PMS offers all this and much more; here are some examples:

  • Allocation trees as a basis for the various strategies, tactics and benchmarks
  • Model portfolios of any breadth and depth
  • Individualized investment proposals in the consultation
  • Efficient bulk processing in wealth management
  • "Global Order" for periodic efficient reallocations
  • Extensive configurable ad hoc analyzes of asset allocation, development, performance calculation and performance attribution
  • Configuration, management and calculation of composites according to Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)
  • Detailed control reports for the periodic certification test

Financing (funding)

Credit advice

  • Credit processing and credit management
  • Master data management of individual and framework credits as well as collateral in Swiss francs and foreign currencies


  • Management and administration of simple and complex limits, such as counterparty, nostro, credit or card limits


  • Central allocation of competences within the bank
  • Control of who receives, processes or completes which pending issues in the workflow


  • Management of all collateral as cover, e.g. B. from mortgage to portfolio, account and deposit balances to securities and pension assets
  • Consideration of insurance policies, guarantees and other forms of coverage, e.g. B. Blank

Land/real estate

  • Comprehensive and detailed master data for real estate and promissory notes
  • Preparation of appraisal reports
  • Registration and deregistration in the register of creditors with a mouse click
  • Management of owner-occupied property (such as single and multi-family houses or condominiums as well as other properties such as industrial and commercial properties, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.

Investment operations

Investment Operations focuses on the fast and comprehensive processing of all business cases, unrestricted, role-based access to all data and the fulfillment of operational security requirements in real time.

The functionally rich, integrable and modularized core elements are primarily the central workplace for the middle and back office as well as for the BPO partners. They contain the following subject blocks:

  • Order workflow from securities order entry through trading to processing and posting
  • Individual securities order processing with pooling functionality, individual cut-off times for funds in primary trading, etc.
  • STP settlement processes for stock exchange orders and receipt and delivery of securities transfers
  • Corporate actions to replicate cash and stock flows
  • Securities master with extensive title data. This achieves maximum individuality with maximum industrialization.
  • Highest degree of automation in the automatic processing of all transactions in the area of ​​foreign exchange and money market.
  • Various consolidation levels for cash management. The processes are controlled based on workflows.

Market data integration

Our company offers a cutting-edge market data integration service that seamlessly combines real-time data from two leading sources, SIX and Reuters, for financial institutions, investment firms, and trading platforms.

With this service, clients gain instant access to a wide range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and indices, all with reliable data quality.

Clients & Products

All product and customer-specific data and functions are fully integrated in the core banking software, especially for customer base, card management, limits, fees and account settlement.

These functions form the core of master data management, the "golden record" of a core banking system. The parameterizable process management guarantees the banks an efficient and individual integration.

  • Information about people
  • Addresses
  • Means of communication
  • Customer relationship details


Implementation of banking solutions in PL/SQL

Processing stock exchange transactions

Dealing with the sudden growth in data volume (Global order - order quantity) and scaling to accommodate increasing numbers of users and transactions due to a rise in individual investors

Resolving issues with monolithic code and achieving modularization and reusability through refactoring legacy code

- Improving system speed and performance
- Creating smaller program structures
- Separating the system into layers (data layer, business layer, service layer)

Difficulties in creating unit and integration tests for monolithic structures

Reducing the time and effort spent on refactoring and optimization

(e.g., Fintech companies usually spends around 60% on refactoring and optimization)
- Ensuring system maintainability and modularity

Addressing performance problems

- Due to increased client numbers
- Adapting to changing regulations (e.g., detailed reporting for EMIR in April 2024)
- Importing lists of executed transactions into the bank and allocating/posting them to clients

Overcoming silos (feature teams)

Improving system reliability, reducing production bugs, easier maintenance, and facilitating quick bug detection

Reducing time-to-market through reusability

Lowering Fintech companies costs by decreasing maintenance expenses

Entering new industries

- (e.g., insurance, asset management) through the adoption of a microservices architecture and cross-domain approach
- Ensuring each module operates independently and can be sold individually, leading to increased revenue, all facilitated through APIs

Creating a system that can quickly and easily integrate with new clients

Speeding up the resolution of bugs and issues


The service in question encompasses key technologies, practices, processes, and standards know-how.

Programming languages

  • Oracle base (SQL, PL/SQL..)
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • PL/SQL Developer
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Visual studio code
  • Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Fisheye...),
  • (CI/CD), Test plans
  • Sourcethree

Test and requirement management

  • Testlink and RTM - Tools used for requirements and test management.


  • AWS
  • Git
  • Linux




  • EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) Reporting (Refit)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Compatibility with auditing firms (using up-to-date Oracle)
  • API with sensitive data (GDPR compliance)
  • Data privacy protection - when a bug comes from the client, we won't have access.
  • ISO 27000:2013
  • ISO 9001:2015

Key benefits

Software partner with strong domain know-how

Having a software partner that has complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for timely, reliable & cost-efficient development of products in the banking, insurance and financial services industry.

Expansion of service offerings

We recognize the significance of a rapidly evolving paradigm with increasing digitalization, industrialization and standardization adoption, as well as real-time data & analytics capabilities, coupled with intuitive CX for all stakeholders.

Quick onboaring

Quick onboarding and entry into the performing phase due to our expertise in the field.

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