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Learn to collaborate in a world where speed, quality, flexibility, and cost are more important than physical location.

Global talent. Local productivity. Cost efficiency.

Within just 10 weeks you will get a core engineering team with well-established and adjustable processes.

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Specialized IT experts

You get access to our A-level engineers who specialize in development, QA, IT operations and project management.

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Seamless integration

Great IT partnerships demand systematic and well-established integration, project and software processes.

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Clear communication

We embrace radical transparency with our clients so that all relevant information passes promptly.

Business drivers of hybrid teams

Access to a global talent pool

Get access to specialized A-level engineers that possess tailor-made skills and competencies for your particular business case.

Lower IT-related costs

Bypass and cut main in-house hiring expenses - local salaries and social contribution givings, personal tax expenses, severance pay and all forms of paid leave.

Supercharged organizational flexibility

Become adaptable to changing business scenarios, heightened visa restrictions, increased customer expectations and all other disruptions of the new normal.

Greater IT department productivity

Use your supercharged innovation capabilities to respond to changing business environment faster, and to outpace main competitors.

Approximately 40% lower salary costs

Approximately 40% lower salary and contributions costs
Well-established project and software processes
No HR, legal and administrative costs
No office and infrastructure costs
Cultural affinity and proximity
Daily communication with the core team
Come and visit whenever you want

Team formation process


We do a workshop to understand your needs

We hold a non-binding discovery meeting to understand the finer details of your specific needs and ponder the right team model for you.


We create a team structure proposal

We use inputs from the discovery meeting to create a team structure proposal with detailed specifications of the needed skills and competencies of every team member.


We refine and agree on it together

The initial team structure proposal passes through many iterations before the final, tailor-made combination is created.


We do the recruitment of the competent team

We use our engineering talent pool to find the perfect candidates that possess the needed skills and competencies.

Enlight team

Unlock the hidden value


Streamline Costs

Bypass the majority of administration, HR, infrastructure and labor costs of an in-house engineering team.


Get access to A-level engineers teams and avoid the uncertainty and tiredness of an in-house hiring process.


DET is a plug-and-play solution that can be rapidly scaled and seamlessly integrated into your organization.

Fuel innovation

Supercharge innovation capacity with your new engineering team—bring talented people, proven processes and future-ready infrastructure.
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