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We help life sciences and laboratory testing companies to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art, precise, reliable, fast and cost-effective services and solutions by providing complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for flexible, reliable & cost-efficient development of these solutions.


ICRV - Software for laboratory testing & results validation

ICRV plays a crucial role in the laboratory testing process. It is responsible for controlling the instruments used for testing and validating the results obtained from these instruments. It ensures accuracy and reliability in the testing process.

  • CLAP (Sample Preparation and Work Order Determination): CLAP is responsible for sample preparation and determining the necessary tests to be conducted on the samples. It ensures that samples are properly prepared before testing
  • CRM is a system that manages customer-related information and interactions. It pulls work orders for different clients and ensures that the samples are appropriately linked to the respective clients
  • SAM (Sample and Work Order Management): SAM is a system that maintains data related to samples and work orders. It is responsible for managing work orders and sample information, ensuring smooth workflow throughout the testing process

Middle layer for integration of global apps

Proxy serves as a middle layer that connects the global (NG) applications with local systems. It enables the NG applications to work seamlessly with local systems, facilitating data exchange and communication, even if the local branches aren't in the global system yet.

Invoice and billing automation application

Hurtigruten is a product for generating and exporting invoices for clients, streamlining the billing process.


Vivace is a product for exporting testing results to clients, streamlining the reporting process of creating and sending PDF reports containing the results of an analysis.

B2B Analysis results app

Creating files containing analysis results in a format that customers' applications can consume. The file format is customer-specific (csv, xml, xls,...).

Application for radiation testing

The Radon app is an application developed for measuring radiation, likely used in Eurofins Sweden.

ERP Integration with product lines

This product involves integrating the ERP system with the production lines, streamlining processes and data exchange for efficient manufacturing and testing.

Equipment efficiency IoT platform

The equipment efficiency platform is a general problem-solving product that acts as a platform for optimizing equipment efficiency through IoT technology. It collects data for production planning purposes, monitoring and increasing equipment utilization in real-time.

Automation with collaborative robots and horizontal/vertical rails with actuators

Eurofins has initiated automation efforts by incorporating collaborative robots (cobots) along with horizontal and vertical rails equipped with actuators. This setup aims to automate various processes within the laboratory, enhancing efficiency, and precision, and reducing manual labor requirements.

Tracking and tracing system

Without proper aggregation and monitoring capabilities, tracking and tracing tasks become challenging. Therefore, Eurofins has recognized the need for an efficient system that aggregates data and enables effective monitoring of processes, ensuring better control and traceability throughout laboratory operations.


Converting a desktop application into a web application

The number of users who will be using it has significantly increased. The challenge involved transforming a desktop application into a web-based solution to accommodate the growing user base.

Additionally, the solution required architectural adjustments to ensure seamless scalability and accommodate the increased demand. Furthermore, a significant hurdle was efficiently processing a massive volume of data in real time to support the healthcare sector's specific needs.

- We have adapted the solution architecturally
- Processing a vast amount of data in real-time

Lack of people with the necessary domain knowledge

- We entered the domain, learned, and became assistant Product Owners (PO), Tech Leads, and consultants
- Especially because they lack developed internal capacities concerning software development


The service in question encompasses key technologies, practices, processes, and standards know-how.

Programming languages

  • .NET / C#: Used for developing various services, especially for seamless integration with other applications.
  • MS SQL: The database management system utilized for data storage and retrieval.
  • Angular/Maui: Front-end development frameworks for creating web and cross-platform mobile applications.


  • Azure DevOps: A comprehensive set of development tools used for planning, coding, testing, and deploying applications efficiently.

Test and requirement management

  • Testlink and RTM - Tools used for requirements and test management.


  • Azure: The cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft, enabling the deployment and management of applications and services.
  • Windows: The operating system used for running applications and services on Microsoft platforms.


  • MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing): A messaging protocol for asynchronous communication between applications.


  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • ISO 27000:2013
  • ISO 9001:2015

Key benefits

Software partner with strong domain know-how

Having a software partner that has complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for timely, reliable & cost-efficient development of products in the healthcare sector.


Developing processes for scalable and flexible resource allocation enables the organization to quickly scale up or down based on project needs, ensuring timely responses to client demands.

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Quick onboarding and entry into the performing phase due to our expertise in the field.

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