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We help providers of next-generation products, services, and solutions to create high-performance, smart, intuitive, modular and integrated products by providing complete know-how (technologies, best practices, processes, standards...) and software engineering capabilities to facilitate the timely, dependable, and cost-efficient development of IoT solutions.

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Target markets

The target segments of this market offering are represented on the level of industries where IoT is implemented.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Consumer IoT (CIoT) - these segments utilize IoT to optimize manufacturing processes and enhance smart products, respectively.

Healthcare & Medical

The sector is leveraging IoT for big data analytics, connected medical devices, and telehealth services, aiming to improve treatment outcomes and streamline healthcare operations.

Mobility & Transportation

This segment includes connected cars and smart transportation systems that improve traffic management, enhance vehicle safety, and reduce emissions.

Energy sector

IoT applications in energy include smart grids and smart meters that aim to enhance energy distribution and consumption efficiency. This sector is a leader in IoT adoption, improving energy management and sustainability.

Smart Cities and Buildings

IoT platforms are integral in developing smart city solutions, including smart infrastructure, waste management, and energy conservation. Smart buildings leverage IoT for security, energy management, and automation.


Field-based sensors and equipment enable precision farming, smart greenhouses, and drones. This technology reduces costs and boosts yields through data-driven decision-making, enhancing overall agricultural efficiency.

Common Business Problems of the target market

Lack of management and coordination due to the growing complexity of operations

Business lack real-time visibility into their supply chain or operations

Losing the race with competitors and failing to implement innovations

Safety and security concerns & Outdated infrastructure or equipment

Sub-optimal integration with other enterprise systems and cost management

Business & Technical priorities

Improved production/operational efficiency & Reduced waste of energy and materials

Better use of resources and assets & Cost-effective operation

Improved work safety & Improved customer experience and retention

Device management

Equipped with sensors, actuators, and software, able to operate independently and to exchange data with other devices and systems are means to connect IoT systems with the physical world.
Efficient management of IoT devices, including provisioning, monitoring, and updating, is essential.

Interoperability and Integration

Platforms must facilitate integration with various devices and backend systems to ensure data flow and functionality.

Security Features & Data Processing and Analytics

From the technical perspective, ensuring high security is critical. This includes strong authentication methods, regular firmware updates, and the ability to isolate IoT networks to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate risks.

Also, the ability to process, store and analyze data is an essential aspect of an IoT platform. The requirements for data processing and analysis vary from real-time data to historical data.

Simple User Interface

Through clean and simple dashboards and UI screens, users are provided with crucial information, allowing them to make decisions and take appropriate actions.

Our solutions based on functionality


The service in question encompasses key technologies, practices, processes, and standards know-how.

Programming languages

  • .NET
  • React/Angular
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Java
  • Python
  • C/C++


  • Jira
  • RTM
  • Bugzilla
  • Selenium


  • GDPR


  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWS Cloud
  • AWS IoT Core


Best Practices & Know-How

An overview of the problems we have solved and processes we have mastered working with IoT technologies.

Identification of performance bottlenecks

Inefficient machine performance oversight

Unplanned outages and unexpected machine failures

The need for optimized resource allocation and efficient inventory management

Difficulty in managing and organizing system configuration data

Security and Compliance Risks

Lack of clarity in defining instrument operation modes and parameters, leading to suboptimal equipment utilization.

Challenges in making sense of raw sensor data

Key benefits

Software partner with strong domain know-how

Having a software partner that has complete know-how and software engineering capabilities for timely, reliable & cost-efficient IoT products and solutions.

Expansion of service offerings

Expansion of service offerings for device manufacturers by integrating their physical devices with IoT or Industry 4.0 platforms, allowing them to provide new types of services.

Quick onboaring

Quick onboarding and entry into the performing phase due to our expertise in the field.

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