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We have retained 85% of our employees since foundation in 2016.

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Enlight Engineering is a global software engineering services provider specializing in nearshoring & end-to-end solutions, with a Swiss head-office and a Serbian-based R&D center.

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Company perks

Grow both professionally and personally in a supportive and friendly working environment.


You will not only get permanent employment and a competitive salary, but we make sure you’re compensated in other currencies as well: time, trust, appreciation, respect.


Quality time away from work is equally important as the time you spend working. When you are off, we want you to truly disconnect and recharge. Expect no work-related phone calls or emails from us over the weekend and during your “off-work” time.


People who come to us stay because they feel secure. We provide stability and a chance to grow inside the organization. That’s why we have retained 90% of our employees since foundation.

Career development

We believe that personal growth should never end. Our people are constantly learning and developing through new projects, challenges, training and certification. Not only do we need to keep up with the newest technologies and innovations in the industry, but we also need to lead and create innovation and change.

Respect and care

Everyone is different and that precisely is what makes them unique and special. We make sure we understand and respect everyone’s specific needs and differences. Respect for diversity and care for others are the key to a healthy work environment.

Health care

It’s important to have a similar approach to health as we do with work: always choose to prevent the problem. That is why we provide you and your family with a good private health care package. We make no compromise with health.


The work you do is far more important than where you do it. Be your own boss! We offer flexible work arrangements, allowing you to better manage your time (and your life).


Use your time off so you can be fully present when you come back. You get 22 days of vacation time annually to refresh and recharge. Taking the time off is very important, and that is why we remind you to take your vacation regularly. Once you do, you won’t be hearing from us on any work-related topic.

What our team say

Get insights directly from our team members as they share their experiences and thoughts about working at Enlight Engineering.

“Lovely teamwork”

At Enlight, I appreciate the great work environment that fosters learning and diverse interests. The positive culture encourages collaboration, and engaging projects with modern technologies are truly fulfilling.

Jelena Bojanic
Jelena Bojanic
Software Engineer
“Supportive Environment”

At Enlight, we enjoy excellent working conditions, a supportive environment, accessible colleagues, flexible hours, and a focus on technical development. We value freedom and responsibility, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions on time.

Djordje Bozovic
Djordje Bozovic
Software Engineer
“Great people and mission”

At Enlight, we have the opportunity to expand and enhance our knowledge by working on exciting projects with the support of highly experienced mentors.

Nikola Koprivica
Nikola Koprivica
Software Engineer
“A Perfect Balance of Work-Life”

I love working at Enlight for its great work-life balance, flexible hours, and supportive colleagues always ready to help.

Jelena Manasijevic
Jelena Manasijević
Software Engineer
“Competitive Benefits”

Enlight is highly recommended for its market competitiveness, great work conditions, work-life balance, competitive salary, benefits like Fitpass and private health insurance, and accessible colleagues. Outstanding place to work!

Zoran Tomasevic
Zoran Tomasevic
Software Engineer
“An amazing place to work”

Enlight cultivates a positive work environment that makes it a pleasure to be a part of.

Dragan Gvozdenovic
Dragan Gvozdenovic
Software Engineer,
Team Lead
“Effective Work Processes”

Enlight has well-established work processes, and all employees are highly engaged and make efforts to address any issues that arise, particularly those that may come from clients and cause stress, among others

Milan Vucelja
Milan Vucelja
Software Engineer,
Team Lead
“Continuously motivating”

Enlight places great importance on innovation and continuous learning. Through participation in internal training, conferences, and workshops, we are able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in our field.

The atmosphere of collaboration within the teams is extremely positive and motivating. All the team members I have collaborated with are talented, motivated, and supportive of one another. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Olijandra Cokrlic
Olijandra Cokrlic
Software Engineer

Our People

Our biggest strength is our people - their knowledge, curiosity, problem-solving skills and dedication to projects they’re working on. That’s why we make sure they know how much we appreciate them.

Andjela SimicEnlight teamSlobodan Gacas

Open positions

We're currently seeking talented engineers who are passionate about innovation and eager to contribute their skills to meaningful projects.

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